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GTGC - #158 - Brazil


Terry Gilliam's Brazil is lauded by many to be a masterpiece of epic proportions. From a troubled battle with Universal Studios to get the film released to reaching cult status, Brazil challenges the viewer and Gilliam presents a story that hits close to home just as much now as it did in 1984. It is a film that is ripe for discussion and a perfect piece of "Anti-Trash". 

So, we gather around the table to bring said analysis to Brazil. It's a strong show as each analysis transitions and bleeds into the next with Caleb kicking things off with a look at the commentary the film provides on consumerism culture and how it's projected inside this Orwellian world. Dalton then picks up the ball to talk more about the corporate machine and the effect that has on a persons goals and dreams. Arthur moves in next with an auteurist reading that places Gilliam himself inside that machine and his struggles there. We then move into a look at the machine itself as Alexandra looks at the actual architecture and construction of the world of Brazil. Dustin then brings everything home for us with a final discussion of ideology and Walter Benjamin. 
After all of that wonderful analysis, we transition into our weekly game and this week we take a look at our favorite imagined futuristic worlds from different mediums. 
So, fill out the required paperwork, and once you're approved, go ahead and click that play button. 

Brazil Time Stamps

00:45 - Welcome and Intros
03:25 - Synopsis and Reviews
14:42 - Analysis
42:12 - Shelf or Trash: Else or Instead
49:48 - Feedback 
53:11 - The Game: Favorite Future Worlds
1:03:07 - Fired Up in Pop Culture
1:07:46 - Conclusion and Announcement of Next Week's Film 

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