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GTGC - #157 - The Holy Mountain


Hello once again dear listener, come, join us for a time of meditation and enlightenment as we travel to The Holy Mountain. Join us as we discuss Alejandro Jordowosky's 1974 surrealist classic. Its a fun time as it is a first time watch of The Holy Mountain for nearly everyone at the table, minus Dustin of course. How do we react to frogs being blown up and amputees being thrown off of boats? You'll just have to click that play button to find out. 

As we move into analysis, Dustin leads a round table discussion. We go around the table to discuss The Holy Mountain and all of the things that stood out to us. The symbolism of the vignettes comes up first, and we follow that with our examination of the different planets as they are presented to us. We wrap up the analysis sequence with a discussion of the ending of the film and whether it is an effective call to action or not. 
Since we all sat down together to watch The Holy Mountain and made a good time of it, we decided to talk about our favorite communal movie experiences. We look at our favorite experiences and also movies that make good communal experiences. We then closed out the show as we always do with a look at Pop Culture. 
Thank you so much for listening, if you would like to join the conversation you can leave a comment here, or:

The Holy Mountain time stamps:

The Holy Mountain on GTGC
:45 - Welcome and Introductions
2:53 - Synopsis and Reviews
13:24 - Round Table Analysis
39:50 - Shelf or Trash: Else or Instead
46:53 - Feedback
51:44 - The Game; "Favorite Communal Movie Watches"
57:36 - Fired Up
1:06:01 - Wrap up and Preview next week. 
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