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GTGC - #156 - The Third Annual GoodTrash Shelvie Awards


Good evening Dear Listener and Happy New YEAR! That's right, the complete GTGC gang is back and relaxing around the table this week as we put together our third annual GoodTrash Shelvie Awards where we look back at the previous year and talk about the stand out moments and movies from the year that we watched specifically for our show. 

If you're looking for a list of the best 2015 releases, we will be tackling that later in January. If you're a bit anxious to know kind of what we're thinking, Arthur has posted his list right here, so go over and check that out and let him know what you thought. 
We just want to let you know Dear Listener that this is the show where we just sit back and relax and have a lot of fun. Normally, we hand out five awards, but this year we are handing out a sixth award: the "Once More with Feeling" award where we honor a movie that we rewatched for this show and saw it with new eyes either for better or worse. And as always, we're dropping the "Hebrew Hammer" on the worst film of the year, talking about our "Best Worst Movie" guilty pleasures, and we wrap up the evening with our nominees for the "Platinum Shelf". After all of that self-congratulatory talk we go home with what has us fired up this week, in pop culture. 
So, join us friends as we present the third annual GoodTrash shelvie awards. 
Time Stamps
0:45 - Welcome and Introductions
3:28 - Awards Part One
  • "Best Worst Movie"
  • "Favorite Discovery"
  • "Best GTGC Show"
28:18 - Feedback
34:26 - Awards Part Two
  • "Hebrew Hammer"
  • "Once More with Feeling"
  • "The Platinum Shelf" 
1:02:00 - Fired Up in Pop Culture
1:13:58 - Wrap Up and Preview Next Week
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