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GTGC - #124 - The Devil’s Rejects


Alrighty Dear Listener, the Good Trash Gang is back and wrapping up Sequel-Palooza. This week we take a fan request; Google+ User - The Rolling Beatles 123 suggested we should do The Devil's Rejects some time. Well, ask and you shall receive Rolling Beatles 123. This week we take a look at Zombie's sophomore effort and take it to task for a number of reasons. So, come on and find out what we think. Tell us what you think. Also, join in our our discussion about whether Zombie is a better Musician or Director. Let us know your favorite musicians who have been involved with film; and finally, as always, let us know what has you fired up in pop culture. 

The Rabbit Hole

Dear Listener, this week Alex referenced an article that she thought would be  interesting in light of her reading of the film. You can find that article right here: "The Cruel and Unusual Execution of Clayton Lockett". 
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