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GoodTrash Presents: The Best of 2017


Here it is. The culmination of our annual AntiTrash marathon, we run down the Top Movies of 2017. Be warned, this is a longer episode than normal. But, we had a good time and hopefully you do, too. In this mega special episode we run down our Top 10 Movies of 2017. However, we put together some other categories so we could drop our hot takes.

The Highs and Lows of Movies of 2017

This week, we kick the show off by quickly giving you our 6–10 spots. We don't spend much time elaborating, because we want to get to other things.

We highlight some of our favorite performances of the year, best franchise entries, set pieces, and story concepts.

But, it isn't all positive. We also discuss which movies landed as our biggest disappointments. There were some movies we didn't get the hype over, and of course, we had our guilty pleasures.

Finally, after all of that talk, we name our Top 5 Movies of 2017.

So, tune in to find out what we though of the Movies in 2017. And let us know what you thought!


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Thanks for joining us this week!

Did we make the right choices? Are our top 10 lists way out of proportion? Let us know what you thought were the big hits and misses of the year.

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