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Ep. 390: Dead Ringers (1988) - Shocktober 9


We're rounding the bend on Shocktober 9 with a Cronenberg classic. That's right, we're talking twins, psychoanalysis, and Dead Ringers. This story of twin gynecologists who manipulate those around them is not at all what we expected. This week, we're discussing Cronenberg, the film's approach to sex and psychology, the presentation of characters, how the film unfolds, and so much more. Join us to hear our thoughts on Dead Ringers, and then stick around to the end to hear Dalton announce the final piece of the Shocktober puzzle. 

Time Stamps

00:30 - Introductions and Synopsis

06:08 - Quick Dead Ringers Reviews

24:05 - Expanding the Syllabus

46:52 - Analysis

1:13:13 - Shelf or Trash

1:17:25 - Wrap up and Next Week's Film

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