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Ep. 388: Poltergeist (1982) - Shocktober 9


Shoctober 9: Dalton's House of Horrors continues this week as we take on the Tobe Hooper-directed, Spielberg-produced haunted house classic, Poltergeist. Arthur and Dalton have bold opinions that Dustin is not on board with. This week, we're talking about death and history, 80s ideologies, the family unit and more. So join us, as our journey through Dalton's mouth of madness continues!

Time Stamps:

00:30 - Introductions and Synopsis

04:43 - Quick Poltergeist Reviews

19:01 - Expanding the Syllabus

35:14 - Analysis

57:56 - Shelf or Trash

58:46 - Wrap up and Next Week's Film

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