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Ep. 375: The Truman Show (1998)


Week 1 of How Have We Never Covered... is here as we talk all about The Truman Show, the winner of the first week's tournament. The Truman Show beat out The Prestige in the week one finals. Truman Burbank has been the unknowing subject of a 30 year reality TV series. As he nears his 30th birthday, things begin going awry that begin to create a deeper sense of confusion and doubt within Truman's mind. This week, we're talking all about artifice, the commodification of people, the multiple layers within the film, and the metaphysical nature of Peter Weir's expository work. We hope we did it justice, and we hope that you join us on Twitter to vote for the upcoming films in the marathon.

Time Stamps

00:00:30 - Week 1 Tournament Review

00:07:07 - Introductions

00:08:32 - Synopsis

00:09:19 - Reviews

00:20:52 - Expanding the Syllabus

00:35:53 - Analysis

01:13:16 - Shelf or Trash

01:14:02 - Tournament Talk: Week 2

01:22:44 - Where to Find Us

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