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Ep. 374: American Mary (2012)


Ep. 374 of the GenreCast is another Patreon-awarded supporter pick. Our wonderful patreon supporter Bekah has chosen American Mary for us to discuss this week. TW: Assault is a part of the plot and we do discuss it in this episode. It has a certain sentimental value for Dalton, Dustin was excited to revisit it, and Arthur is watching it for the first time. American Mary tells the story of a broke med student looking to find a way to survive the financial strife of school. To do so, she finds herself caught in an underground world of illegal surgeries. This week, our trademark style of movie analysis sees us talking cult cinema, the American dream, representation of counter cultures, the Soska Sisters, the gaze, treatment of sex workers, and much, much more in this special Patreon-awarded episode of the GenreCast over American Mary

Time Stamps

00:01:56 - Welcome and Introductions

00:03:23 - Synopsis

00:04:12 - Quick Reviews

00:17:48 - Expanding the Syllabus

00:36:58 - Analysis

01:06:53 - Shelf or Trash

01:09:00 - Social Plugs and Next Week’s Film

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