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Ep. 371: Jacob’s Ladder (1990)


Episode 371 takes us to the edges of sanity as we discuss the 1990 cult favorite Jacob's Ladder. And it's all thanks to our sweet Patreon donor, Brigham. Brigham has been a friend of us and the show since the beginning, and we're always excited to see what he has in store for us. Jacob's Ladder has been in the back of our mind for a long time but never found it's way to the table, but thanks to Patreon and Brigham, it's finally here. In this reality-bending tale, Jacob Singer can no longer tell what is real or what is a dream. We grapple with the loss of the mid-budget studio genre film, the presentation of otherworldly elements, military experiments and the cycles of political leanings in media. So join us as we attempt to climb Jacob's Ladder. 

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