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Ep. 357: The Foul King (2000)


Welcome to Episode 357 of the GenreCast! This week, we're going to be starting our Song of Praise marathon dedicated to the work of the great Song Kang-ho. The illustrious Korean star has had a career spanning decades and reached even greater acclaim with the stateside Korean hit, Parasite. In honor to celebrate Song and Parasite, we're looking at four other films Song starred in, starting with The Foul KingThe Foul King focuses on an everyman loser who sets out to find something more. That something more turns out to be professional wrestling, and soon Dae-ho is confident inside and outside the ring. But that confidence soon comes at a cost. Join us this week as we explore professional wrestling, inside baseball, capitalism, and much more as we discuss Kim Jee-woon's The Foul King. 

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