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Archdiocese Ep. 0: Setup and the Hook


Hello dear listener, we're doing something different for Patreon as we're kicking off our first-ever actual play podcast. Over the coming months (maybe more frequent), we're going to be taking you on a supernatural journey as we play Monster of the Week. 

Episode 0 is going to be made available and free to all, so you can decide if you'd like to become a Patreon for future episodes. Future monthly episodes will be available at the $3 dollar tier. If you're interested, please go to

Monster of the Week is a RPG designed to be like your favorite spoopy shows, Supernatural, Buffy, X-Files etc. 

We're kicking off with Episode 0 which is all about the characters and the gameplay. Arthur will be playing the Keeper (GM) and Dalton and Dustin are the main characters. 

We hope you enjoy this adventure. 

Our intro and outro is:

Horizons by Scott Buckley |

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