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GTGC - #194 - Akira


We’re back with our final entry in this Anime Marathon from Patreon Keithan Smith, Akira. We’ve made it through our second Anime marathon this year, and with much greater result. So, if you have enjoyed our Anime entries this year, hop on Twitter and thank Brigham Cole and Keithan Smith.

This week we kick things off by talking about our favorite “Science Experiments Gone Wrong”. Do you have a favorite science experiment gone wrong? Then hit us up on social media! After the gameplay wraps, we get down to business as we throw Akira on the analysis table. Caleb gets things going by talking about the bomb. He highlights how the bomb has continuously impacted the culture of Japan, especially the cinema of Japan. Next, Dalton discusses the violence taking place within the film. He highlights how violence for the sake of revolution is still violence. He praises the emphasis on the realism of Akira’s graphic violence. Finally, Dustin takes the show home by underlining the different ideologies at work within the film. Furthermore, he breaks down the different governments, principles and ideas represented by the different characters.

And with that, we’ve wrapped another chapter of the GoodTrash AnimeCast. Again, we thank Keithan Smith and all of our Patreons! And remember, if you’re interested in choosing a movie for us to discuss, head over to Patreon and see what we have going on.

Akira Timestamps

00:39 - Welcome and Intros
05:09 - Synopsis and Reviews
15:10 - The Game: Science Experiments Gone Wrong
27:28 - Social Media
29:40 - Analysis
49:16 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
53:57 - Wrap Up and Next Week's Film

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