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GTGC - #207 - Zero Dark Thirty

January 30th, 2017

Hello and welcome back to your favorite film analysis podcast! That's right, GTGC returns with the final installment of 2017's Anti-Trash marathon with a look at Zero Dark Thirty. We decided that a former Academy Award nominated film would be a good way to wrap up our marathon. Caleb, Dalton and Dustin gather around to disect Kathryn Bigelow's dynamic look at 9/11 and the hunt for Bin Laden. 

As the show gets underway, the team offers their quick reviews of the movie before moving into the weekly game. Using The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty and her upcoming film as a jumping off point, the gents decide to talk about potential films Bigelow could direct. So, they name off "Movies Based Off of Real Events" that they would like Bigelow to direct. 

As we get down to our regularly scheduled film analysis business, the gents enter a round table discussion. Each host had a commentary to present, but each had thoughts on the other comments. So, round table it is. Dalton kicks the discussion off by examining the feminist ideals of the film. He mentions that the film doesn't back away from Chastain's femininity while presenting a strong female character. He points to some formalist techniques that support his ideals. 

Caleb wants to look at the film from the Post-9/11 angle. He argues that it is important to understand that this film is more about the aftereffects of 9/11 and not just the hunt for Bin Laden. He examines the ideas of vengeance and revenge and what type of relief that truly brings, if any. Dustin opens the floor to a discussion on the film's stance on torture. The gents examine whether the film is pro- or anti- torture and how well those stances are portrayed.

And that's a wrap for this week, Dear Listener. Next week, we move out of Anti-Trash and back to the good trash. The randomizer has selected a fun one for us. But, if anything goes wrong, know that we're innocent. 

Zero Dark Thirty Timestamps

00:38 -Welcome and Introductions
04:11 - Synopsis and Reviews
15:38 - The Game - Historical Event Films Directed by Bigelow
26:36 - Social Media
28:13 - Analysis
57:43 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
1:02:18 - Wrap Up

GTGC - #206 - A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

January 23rd, 2017

Your favorite film analysis podcast is back again as the Anti-Trash Marathon rolls on. This week, Alex has a host pick and she chose the Iranian-American vampire film, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Aside from Dustin, nobody else at the table had seen the film, which is always fun.

Before we throw A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night on the film analysis table, we have to play our game. On this week's episode, we talk about "Movie Monsters We Want to Fall in Love With". It is a convoluted title for a convoluted game, but it is a lot of fun.

As analysis gets underway, Dalton kicks things off by looking at relationships. He talks about how when people are involved in interpersonal relationships, the people involved take on each other's baggage. He also speaks to the cat in the film as a symbol of this baggage that is shared.

Alex zigs instead of zags and presents an environmental reading of the movie. She points out some of the political imagery of the film and how it reinforces the environmental themes at play. Dustin wraps things up to talk about the film watching experience and spectatorship. He discusses the intertextual references of the film and how that impacts the viewer's experience. He argues that depending on how much film the viewer has seen they will have a different experience.

That's it for this week's show. The sun is coming up and we need to get back inside, hit play and come in... If you'd like.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night Timestamps

00:38 - Welcome and Introductions
03:09 - Synopsis and Reviews
17:12 - The Game - Monsters You Want to Love
24:37 - Social Media
26:19 - Analysis
43:27 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
50:37 - Wrap Up

GTGC - #205 - The Exterminating Angel

January 16th, 2017

Editor's Note: Due to a technical issue, this is our first episode back. We recorded this episode as the second entry in the Anti-Trash Marathon, the first was to drop last week but the file messed up and we were unable to get that episode posted. It'll forever join a handful of other films as one of the few lost GoodTrash episodes.

Welcome back dear listener! The Anti-Trash marathon continues this week on your favorite film analysis podcast, the GoodTrash GenreCast. This week, we take on Luis Bunuel's surrealist dinner party classic, The Exterminating Angel (1962). Dustin presents a quick rundown of Bunuel's career and what shaped this influential classic. Is it worth the wait time? Or should you cut out early? Find out as we apply our style of film criticism to The Exterminating Angel.

This week's game provides a lot of laughs as we talk about 3 Movie Characters We Wouldn't Want to be Stuck with at a Dinner Party. We then move into the film analysis section to breakdown The Extermintating Angel. Dalton kicks things off by talking about Sartes' idea that "hell is other people". He examines the sociological factors of being stuck with other people and how those underlying tensions are cranked to 11 by Bunuel. 

Caleb presents his film analysis next by talking about the facade of appearances and the bourgeoisie. He talks about the economic history of the country. He argues that the context of putting it in Spain meant highlighting a country that didn't feel much of the same impact of World War II as other countries. Dustin piggybacks off the conversation before him and looks at the film's critique of fascism. He gives some more historical context of what was happening in Spain. Dustin argues that the bourgeoisie hold up the facade of capitalism. 

That's it for this week. Now, we've got to get ready for our upcoming dinner. The table is set, will you hang around?

The Exterminating Angel Timestamps

00:38 - Welcome and Introductions
04:45 - Synopsis and Review
21:00 - The Game - Movie Characters You Wouldn't Want to Get Stuck at a Dinner Party With
30:22 - Social Media
32:11 - Analysis
56:26 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
1:02:34 - Wrap Up


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