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GTGC - #185 - Pacific Rim

July 25th, 2016

As July nears as an end, so to must our Blockbuster Marathon. We wrap things up this month with a look at another unsung blockbuster-that-never-was, Pacific Rim. That's right, the maestro, Guillermo Del Toro makes his fourth appearance on the GoodTrash Media Network as we dive in to his Jaeger vs Kaiju action flick. The stakes are high as the five hosts try to drift so they can pilot this podcast. 

As the drift gets underway, we play our game. This week, we talk about movies and toy lines. At one point it was framed and had direction, but that all fell apart because of Dalton entering his memories in the drift. So, we all set our own guidelines for these toy lines we would have liked to have seen or seen differently. We then move into deeper waters as we set up a round table to discuss the themes and ideas on display here. Dustin first raises questions about the films exploration of PTSD and Survivor's Guilt. He then moves into the film's political stance and talks about the military industry and Del Toro's approach to that. This is followed by a discussion of the idea of globalism and nationalism. The next question presented is in regards to Del Toro's work and how it differs between his foreign works and his American studio films. Before we wrap things up Alexandra raises a question about the film's use of color. 

So there you have it dear listener. As we begin to prepare for the Kaiju invasion, you should put on your headsets and get ready to drift with us. Just hit that play button bellow. 

Pacific Rim TimeStamps

00:39 - Welcome and Intros
03:07 - Synopsis and Reviews
12:18 - The Game: Movies and Toy Lines
23:17 - Social Media
25:13 - Analysis
49:27 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
53:39 - Wrap Up and Announce Next Week's Film

GTGC - #184 - Watchmen

July 17th, 2016

Who watches the Watchmen? We do. That's right, we go back to 2009 to discuss Zack Snyder's second comic adaptation, Watchmen. This week, the gang gather's around the table with OKC Saadboy Heath Huffman who brought this movie to the table for us. Mr. Huffman helped us with a few things and we owed him a favor, so we sat down to take on Snyder's divisive film. 

Things get started this week with a fun game where we assemble our own super hero squads. Heath Huffman raises the bar and everyone has a lot of fun, much giggling follows. Next, the boys from New Zealand let us know it's time to get down to business and everyone decided to bring it this week. Heath kicks things off by comparingWatchmen to Greek mythology. He goes into the philosophical ideals behind each character, in doing so he creates a launching pad for Dalton Stuart. Dalton goes further into the different archetypes on display in Snyder's work. Caleb brings his thoughts next. He discusses how Watchmen addresses the american dream and the way that looks in a modern landscape. Alexandra goes next and talks about the emotional and mental impacts on viewers. This viewer driven analysis gives a lot of insight into what happens psychologically when we watch film. Dustin, as usual, brings everything home for us. He puts on his collar to discuss the theological workings on display in Watchmen

Lifting the veil, everyone was very proud of this episode--so if you only listen to one episode of GoodTrash TODAY make it this one. This is a controversial film, so please hit us up on social media to let us know your thoughts about Watchmen and our readings of it. 

Watchmen Timestamps

00:39 - Welcome and Introductions

03:31 - Synopsis and Reviews

19:36 - The Game: Hero Squads Assembled
28:47 - Social Media
30:04 - Analysis
1:05:50 - Shelf/Trash--Else/Instead
1:11:39 - Wrap Up and Announce Next Week's Film

Heroes of the Realm Interview with Kyle Roberts and Stephen Goodman

July 15th, 2016

Welcome GoodTrashers to this special edition of the Genrecast where we sit down and talk with the filmmakers behind the locally produced Oklahoma short, The Heroes of the Realm before it heads to next week's 2016 San Diego Comic-con! 

Heroes of the Realm is a short film featuring a pizza delivery who accidentally opens a portal that brings arcade games andan evil sorcerer who hopes to rule the world to life. The synopsis reads:

In a world where magic reigns, one tyrant was the undisputed ruler. But when magic opens a portal to our world, it's up to a pizza delivery woman to make the most important delivery of her life.

We're joined today by the short film's star Stephen Goodman and director Kyle Roberts to bring us the inside scoop behind the film's production along with their hopes and excitement about taking Heroes of the Realm the mecca of nerd culture, San Diego Comic-con. 

GTGC - #183 - Last Action Hero

July 11th, 2016

Much like Mr. Schwarzenegger, your GTGC family has come back. We keep our blockbuster marathon rolling with a look at Dustin's host pick, Last Action Hero. We look back at something of a forgotten jewel from 1993 and with much of a positive response. Dustin has a fearful grip over the table when he gets a host pick, but he surprised with this blockbuster that never was due to its battle with Jurassic Park at the box office. Does this meta film hold up? Or, is it simply a dud? 

After our reviews, we get the gameplay going. This week, we borrow a gimmick from The People's History of Film as we sit around talk about movie characters we want to spend a night out on the town with. After some great suggestions, we move into analysis. Arthur lays a foundation for the table by talking about the magic of cinema. He reinforces the idea of the cinema as an escapist art and how it impacts cinephiles. Caleb takes the talking stick next to make something of a star study before talking about the archetype of the action hero and how Last Action Hero deconstructs that type. Dustin then lectures us on the variations in metafilm. He highlights the different branches of meta narrative and what that looks like in different types of film. 

The blockbuster marathon keeps going and we're having a good time visiting these different properties. We hope you're having fun too. That's all we've got for you this week dear listener. So, find your seat, the shows about to start.

Last Action Hero Timestamps

00:39 - Welcome and Intros
02:30 - Synopsis and Reviews
12:13 - The Game: Characters we want to hang out with
18:40 - Social Media
19:16 - Analysis
31:55 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
38:12 - Wrap Up and Announce Next Week's Film

GTGC - #182 - Top Gun

July 4th, 2016

Happy 4th of July, Dear Listener! We're back and what better way to celebrate 'Merica than with a look at the highest grossing film of 1986, the Tony Scott and Tom Cruise collaboration--Top Gun. That's right wingpeople, we take to the skies to talk about a cultural phenomenon. Well, Arthur and Dustin do, because everyone else got lost on the highway to the danger zone. So, grab your helmets and your flight gear and buckle up with a celebration of freedom and propaganda. 

The Godfather of GoodTrash and the Ethereal Sasquatch hold down the fort and kick things off with one of our more enjoyable games so far in which we gave our fellow Trashers pilot handles. This is a game that we want our dear listeners to chime in on. Hit us up on Twitter (@Good_Trash) or Facebook (/GoodTrashMedia) and let us know what we should be nicknamed. The boys find the exit for Business Time and get down to some conversational analysis. They hot potato back and forth, discussing product placement in film, propaganda in Hollywood and Washington's involvement in that process, the subversion of the male gaze, the impact of the soundtrack on the cinematic experience, and we have a special guest sit down to talk about the gay subtext of the film. Arthur and Dustin wrap up their discussion of Top Gun by questioning Tom Cruise's place in blockbuster history. 

And there you have it Dear Listener, a well rounded discussion of Top Gun. So strap in, the tower is giving us clearance, time to hit the throttle, and hit play before we take your breathe away. 

Top Gun Timestamps

00:39 - Welcome and Intros
03:11 - Synopsis and Reviews
11:16 - The Game: GTGC Pilot Handles
15:51 - Social Media 
18:08 - Analysis
43:02 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
46:25 - Wrap up and Next Week's Film



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