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Lauren Annalla deadCenter 2016 Interview

June 27th, 2016

A couple of weeks back, GoodTrash Media tackled the deadCenter 2016 film festival and closed out our coverage with a roundtable interview with the cast and crew of the Oklahoma Feature award winner Electric Nostalgia. It was a really great chat that brought interesting insight of the culture the producers created on the set. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts, one of the film's stars, Lauren Analla, was unable make it to the festival, but that didn't stop us from grabbing a word!

Lauren worked on several Oklahoma features including Army of FrankensteinsThe Posthuman Project, and Rudderless before moving to Los Angeles where she is currently working on Dark Hours: Roxanna amongst other projects.

In this deadCenter follow up conversation, Alex and I talk to Lauren about the casting process and her experience preparing for dual roles in Electric Nostalgia. Lauren Analla. She talks about developing the character, some of her on set experiences and talks a little bit more about some her projects coming down the pipeline. *Spoiler* One of them is a really interesting project produced by James Franco. 

We closed out the discussion by talking about the shift in Oklahoma filmmaking and the thing that set Electric Nostalgia apart from other sets.

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GTGC - #181 - Gone in Sixty Seconds

June 20th, 2016

"Lowrider", Dear Listener, "Low Rider"... That's right, we're back with fast cars and high octane analysis as we finally get to rage with the Cage and talk Gone in Sixty Seconds. It's been a long time coming, but we finally get to analyze a Nicolas Cage movie, and the results are... kind of eh. That's right, while the hosts had fun watching it, the pickings were a bit slim in the analysis room. 

As we gather around the table, Alexandra, Dustin, and Caleb get things going with a discussion of their favorite famous cars. It's a fun time, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on favorite famous cars in television or cinema, just  hit us up in the comments section. We then get Gone in Sixty Seconds on the analysis table and your valiant hosts try to mine as much out of it as they can. Alexandra discusses the sexualization of cars with her "sex sells cars" thesis. She highlights the use of language and entendre as directed towards cars and how cars are viewed by society in large. Dustin then gives us a lesson in formalist technique and how Gone in Sixty Seconds is the final stage of action film editing and shot composition that began in the late 70s and throughout the 80s. He breaks down the use of mid-,long-, and close-up shots as well as the evolution of the ASL, or average shot length. 

Get your engines going, Dear Listener, this is a fun one. We want to announce that we will be taking a week off next week, but we will be back in July to kick off our annual Blockbuster Marathon. Don't worry, we still have plenty of content on the website, so don't go anywhere - we'll be back before you know it. 

Gone in Sixty Seconds Timestamps

00:39 - Welcome and Intros
02:05 - Synopsis and Quick Reviews
09:11 - The Game; Favorite Famous Cars
16:43 - Social Media
17:19 - Analysis 
29:01 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
34:28 - Wrap Up and Announce Next Week

Electric Nostalgia Cast/Crew Roundtable Interview

June 17th, 2016

Last weekend the low key piece of sci-fi genre Electric Nostalgia sold out two showing at the deadCenter Film Festival and took home the award for Best Oklahoma Film. If you've been keeping up with the GoodTrash Media website, you'll know we've been following the project over the last few months.  Needless to say, we've been very anxious to see the final product. After finally catching the film at its world premiere, the entire GoodTrash team is happy to report that it did not disappoint. Since catching the film Dustin has gone on to a great special edition of Eye Protein talking about some of the films spiritual ideas about the connection of the body/soul. 

Following the film's release we had the opportunity to sit down with nearly the entire cast/crew of the project including writer/director Jacob Burns, producers Zach Burns and Vinnie Hogan, and stars Stephen GoodmanPage TudykCait Brasel, and Clinton Kubat to talk more about the production, inspirations, and experiences on the set of the film. 

The Superlative Light - The deadCenter VR Experience

June 13th, 2016

The Superlative Light made a splash at deadCenter 2016 as one of the Okie Shorts and the Virtual Reality Experience. The short recounts the story of homeless photographer Robert Shults as he climbs out of poverty thanks to a job taking pictures of a giant lazer in the basement of the University of Texas's physics department.

The documentary plays with the ideas of the relativity of time and the importance of perception in storytelling. Caleb and Alex both had the opportunity to watch the short via two completely different viewing experiences. Caleb caught the movie as a part of The Okie Shorts while Alex caught the Virtual Reality experience at the deadCenter HQ in the IAO building. The film piqued an interest in both of your hosts and and both chime in with their thoughts on the film with Alexandra bringing you a full interview with the film's director Ben Steinbauer

GTGC - #180 - Running Scared

June 13th, 2016

Welcome back Trashmaniacs! In the wake of our deadCENTER coverage, we return to give you a scathing look at 2006's crime thriller Running Scared, starring the man, Paul Walker. It's a fun episode as everyone rips apart Dalton's host pick. This could also be an early frontrunner for The Hebrew Hammer at our annual awards show. 

We round up the usual suspects this week to pick Running Scared apart on the analysis table. But before we do that, we play our game. This week we discuss movies that we only finished watching because we were recording a podcast over them. There are a lot of callbacks to early episodes, as well as some of our more recent offerings. After we have a few laughs here, we finally get down to business. Dalton gets things going by discussing the film's look at redemptive violence and toxic masculinity. He debates the film's stance on violence and what, if anything, it's trying to say. The show then grows very somber as Alexandra presents a very personal and emotional reading of the film's commentary on gun control - it is considerably more powerful in light of the events in Orlando which happened on the morning of this record. Dustin brings the discussion home by bringing up the works of Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer in relation to mass culture. He presents their work in light of commercial cinema and how it reinforces societal ideology. 

There you have it Dear Listener, Running Scared - a fine example of why we do what we do. The mission of GoodTrash is to bring an analytical conversation to films that you wouldn't otherwise see in this light. We thank you for listening and your support. If you're interested in becoming more involved with GoodTrash Media then head over to and see how you can further support our programming. Now, Dear Listener, go ahead and hit that play button, if you dare. 

Running Scared Timestamps

00:39 - Welcome and Intros
03:17 - Synopsis and Quick Reviews
16:12 - The Game: Movies We Finished due to having to record a podcast
24:16 - Social Media
25:32 - Analysis 
50:38 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
56:18 - Randomizer and Wrap Up

Carol Littleton: Oklahoma Native, Living Legend - A dCFF16 Interview

June 12th, 2016

How do you describe a film editor whose career spans decades? Who has worked with the biggest names in the industry? Interviewing Carol Littleton for GoodTrash Media was a complete honor, and I am thankful for the staff at deadCenter honoring her for her service to the film industry to invite Littleton to

I sat in on the panel that Littleton was interviewed on. She described how she broke into making movies after receiving her English B.A. (like most of GoodTrash Media). She also talked about her experiences with working on E.T. with Stephen Spielberg and John Williams, working Bryan Cranston, and many more big names of past and present. Her genuine self shone through, as it was clear that she retained her Oklahoma Spirit, despite working with some of the film greats of our time.

Littleton also graciously granted me an interview after her panel. We discussed how it is being a woman in the male-dominated film industry, the best advice for people wanting to break into the film industry in crew, and how to be a better sound designer.

Also, it just so happened that Nick Sanford and Andrew MacDonald from the local indie feature The Harvesters were hanging out as well. Sanford regularly stated on the inaugural episode of The People's History of Film how he is in love with E.T., as it is his favorite movie.

Both Sanford and McDonald ask some excellent questions from the movie making perspective. Their questions gave keen insight into her editing processes and gave invaluable advice to up-and-coming film makers.

If you have any questions about Littleton and her experiences, we can release the raw audio file of a portion of the the panel. If you still cannot get enough film editing stories, check out a book she's featured in entitled First Cut: Conversations with Film Editors edited/compiled by Gabrielle Oldham.

deadCenter 2016: It’s all about the Shorts

June 11th, 2016

deadCenter 2016 has an admirable line-up of feature films this year, but the real fun and experimentation is happening in the shorts. The festival has no less than 10 different Short Film categories which means if you're in attendance and you have caught at least one shorts program, you're doing it wrong.  We caught up with a few of the short filmmakers and talked to them a bit about their films. 

One of the biggest categories this year was the Okie Shorts which included 8 short films from across the genre spectrum. Character drama, sci-i, documentary, it was all covered. Each of these shorts have close Oklahoma ties or were produced locally in Oklahoma. Caleb caught up with Lance McDaniel and Kyle Roberts following their debut screening.

One of the more unique of the shorts was Swirl by Lance McDaniel which was essentially a 8 or so minute interpretive dance about the growing bond of two teen boys who fall in love and fight against persecution. 

More in our wheelhouse here at GoodTrash was Heroes of the Realm directed by Kyle Roberts. The film features a pizza delivery girl who masters and arcade game and acquires a magical bracelet that brings the game's characters to life. It's a really fun mesh of 80s nostalgia, comic books, and even a few hints of Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It was produced as part of last year's OKC 48 Film project, meaning  the entire shrot was completed in less than two days. This short recently broke the news that they will be attending San Diego Comic-Con next which makes it particularly notable. 

The Okie Shorts will doing an Encore Sunday, June 12 at 5:30pm in the Harkins Theater. 

Alexandra ran into the minds behind the ENOS, a film about a 50 year old crashed space capsule.  The short was produced in Colorado and both the film's writer/director Ryan Scott and star Jesse Sikora were on hand to talk more about their the film's story and process. 

ENOS will be playing as part of the Strange Encounters Shorts Saturday June 11 at 5:15pm and Sunday June 12 at 2:45. 

Check out the full conversations with the filmmakers below by clicking play!

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deadCenter 2016: Day 2 Wrap

June 11th, 2016

Day 2 of deadCenter 2016 really kicked the festivities into high gear with loads of meet and greets, filmmaker panels, and of course, movies! The whole GoodTrash deadCenter team gather around a small table with special guests Devon Green from the Okie Geek podcast and *award winning* producer of Electric Nostalgia, Zachary Burns. 

Alexandra brings a few updates about all of the deadCenter interviews and coverage that's gone live on the website before Caleb, Zach, and Devon talk about their reactions to several of the Okie Shorts. To round out the day end discussion, Dustin talks briefly about his experience watching MAYA ANGELOU: AND STILL I RISE and Black Mountain Poets

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Heartland deadCenter 2016 Interview

June 10th, 2016

The deadCenter 2016 Film Festival has a plethora of options to explore and one subject of interest this year has been LGBTQ representation in Oklahoma. Whether it's through a documentary like An Act of Love or the satirical comedy of Oh Brother! the subject seems to be heavy on the mind of Oklahoma produced films.

One of the most anticipated of films of the festival, Heartland, tells the story of a young Oklahoma artist who lands back in her mother’s stifling household after her girlfriend dies. To find solace in her situation she finds a temporary escape in a weekend affair with her brother’s girlfriend. The film was filmed and produced locally in Oklahoma and stars Laura Spencer of Big Bang Theory and Bones fame.

Our very own Dustin Sells and Alexandra Bohannon sit down to talk with director Maura Anderson and screenwriter/star Velinda Godfrey. Your hosts talk about the choice of making the film in Oklahoma and how the unique setting impacted the characters and the way the story was told. 

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deadCenter 2016: Day 1 Wrap

June 10th, 2016

GoodTrash Media's Dustin Sells and Caleb Masters gather after day 1 of the deadCenter 2016 festivities to give their reactions on the film they saw that day. Dustin talks about Taika Waititi's Hunt for Wilderpeople starring Sam Neill and its real eye for comedy. Caleb and Dustin then give their initial reactions to the highly anticipated genre film of the festival, Electric Nostalgia. 

Find all of our deadCenter coverage at

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