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GTGC - #165 - Wild Wild West

February 29th, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, our time with the Fresh Prince must come to an end after we take a look at Wild Wild West. That's right, this week we close out our marathon with a look back at the 1999 flop starring Will Smith, Kevin Kline, and Kenneth Branagh. And this week, we're joined by GoodTrash Media's very own Frightful Femme, Kirsten Therkelson who was extremely excited to discuss one of her favorite guilty pleasure movies. If you're not familiar with Kirsten, you can read her work right here

This week, we give our reviews and then we discuss our favorite Movies Based Off of TV Shows. That's right, Wild Wild West is an adaptation of the TV Show of the same title, and we thought it would be fitting to rattle off some of our favorites that have their roots in the small screen. 

Finally, we get down to business as we bring a wealth of analysis to Wild Wild West. Caleb kicks things off with a discussion of Steam Punk and the history of that particular genre and aesthetic. He traces the cinematic roots of the style in a very thorough discussion. Alexandra then takes over with a look at Will Smith himself as she discusses how his most important and prominent roles have all been a play on the Fresh Prince character and persona that he developed so early in his career. Dalton then gives us a socio-historic history lesson as he discusses the Reconstruction period following the Civil War and some of the misconceptions that are presented and encouraged by Wild Wild West of that time. Kirsten then gives us a run down of cult cinema, and discusses how Wild Wild West misses the mark in terms of finding a place within the realm of cult cinema. Dustin finally takes us home by piggy backing off of Alex's reading as he discusses the star as auteur and how that helps us understand film a bit more. 

While the movie didn't perform well, it was a perfect jumping off point for a plethora of analysis this week. So, get ready dear listener, your hand better be on that play button... If not, our hands are where our hips be at. 

Wild Wild West Time Stamps

00:45 - Welcome and Introductions
04:07 - Voice of the Cinema and Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Review
13:57 - The Game
21:51 - Analysis 
44:32 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
50:04 - Social Media, Wrap Up, and Announce Next Week's Film

GTGC - #164 - Focus

February 22nd, 2016

The taxi to Bel Aire keeps rolling along, and this time we visit the Prince in the latter part of his career with a look at the con-man romance, Focus. The movie is nothing like the synopsis on IMDb or HBO Go would have you believe. In fact, it's really a film made of two stories, and the first one is mucher better than the second. But, we do what we always do as we take Will Smith's Focus to the analysis table. 

Before the analysis can begin however, we sit around the table to talk about some of our favorite plot twists in film. So, beware, there may be spoilers for movies you haven't seen. It's a fun conversation as Caleb tries to upset Dustin with mentions of Rosebud. 
This week, Dalton, Caleb, Alex, and Dustin discuss several key issues and ideas based around the production of Focus. Dalton and Alex wind up tag teaming the film as they discuss age discrepancies and feminism. The idea of the recent Twitter hit Ross Putnam and FemScriptIntros comes up as they discuss the sexism that is rampant in Hollywood filmmaking as well as Hollywood's lolita complex. Caleb then discusses Hollywood and American Culture's interest in Byronic characters; mentioning that this film further enforces the idea of the byronic hero as someone we should back and support. Dustin then wraps things up with a look at how the film can be viewed as a neo-noir. He goes into great detail about the formal aspects and the stylistic flourishes which allow this film to stand out before highlighting it as a modern take on a studio era, factory made film. 
Alright dear listener, that's what we have in store for you this week. Remember, the hand is quicker than the eye; did you know you already hit the play button? Didn't see that one coming, did you? Remember, it's all about the focus. 

Focus Time Stamps

00:45 - Intros and Welcome
03:11 - Synopsis and Reviews
09:28 - The Game: Favorite Plot Twists - SPOILER ALERT
16:20 - Analysis
34:24 - Shelf or Trash: Else or Instead
39:04 - Social Media, Wrap Up, and Next Week's Film

GTGC - #163 - The Legend of Bagger Vance

February 15th, 2016

Fresh Prince February rolls on as Dustin, Alex, and Caleb gather back around the table to discuss Dustin's host pick, The Legend of Bagger Vance. Dustin continues his cause as the positive supporter of Will Smith's work this week as the reaction is definitely mixed around the table. 

In keeping with the new format, we do our quick reviews and then jump in an interesting discussion about Voice Over Narration. The gang then discusses some memorable and favorite uses of the technique. Next, we get down to business as we begin to analyze The Legend of Bagger Vance. Alex provides a discourse on sports and pop culture and ties all of that in with ideas of storytelling. Caleb is next, and he provides a look at the story trope of the "Magical Negro" and why it is more problematic than normal in Bagger Vance. Dustin closes things out this week with a look at the film's stance on the environment and how Robert Redford's beliefs shine through. 
It's an interesting show this week as we talk Bagger Vance with plenty of juicy discussion around the table. So, tee up and hit play... FORE!

Legend of Bagger Vance Time Stamps

00:45 - Welcomes and Intro
03:56 - Synopsis and Reviews
13:46 - The Game: Cinematic Voice Over
27:30 - Analysis 
49:12 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead
53:59 - Social Media, Wrap Up, and Announce Next Week's Film 

GTGC - #162 - I Am Legend

February 8th, 2016

Grab your garlic and your crosses, Fresh Prince February kicks off with a look at 2007's blockbuster horror-action film, I Am Legend. That's right, we jump into the peak of Will Smith's career to tackle his end-of-days vampire picture which sees him trying to find a cure for the undead to restore some semblance of civilization.

This week, Arthur, Dalton, Caleb, and Dustin gather around the table to get Fresh Prince February off the ground. Reactions to the film vary quite a bit, well not so much, but one person in particular is disappointed that I Am Legend wasn't more loved. As the new format takes shape, we follow our reviews up with our game. This week we discuss some of our favorite or most interesting star vehicles - those movies designed to bolster a movie stars career or re-launch their career. Following the game, we move into analysis. Dalton takes a shot at the studios and Hollywood as he discusses the two endings for I Am Legend, and why the theatrical cut makes it a very problematic film. Caleb picks this train of thought up and runs with it as he segues into a discussion of the Savior/Martyr complex and how I Am Legend seems to be deconstructing it. Dustin then brings things home with a look at the films discourse of capitalism and politics and how that interacts with radical theology and concludes that loving communities are a starting point for a more peaceful world.

So, there you have it dear listener. We've checked our watch and it looks like the sun is starting to get low in the sky... I think it may be time for you to hit that play button, if you dare.

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I Am Legend Time Stamps

00:45 - Welcome and Introductions
04:28 - Synopsis and Reviews
14:40 - The Game: Star Vehicles
23:46 - Analysis
49:05 - Shelf/Trash: Else/Instead
54:41 - Where to Find Us
56:11 - Wrap up and Announce Next Week's Film

GTGC - #161 - Zoolander

February 1st, 2016

It's ZOOlander, not Zoolander. That's right dear listener, we are back with a vengeance. Well, maybe not so vengeful, as we take on our very first Patreon Pick which comes from Sam LeCates. Sam has chosen for us to sit down and watch the Ben Stiller-directed, Zoolander. The 2001 comedy classic that is infinitely quotable and makes Will Ferrell mostly tolerable.We thought it would be a nice chance to honor our Patreons as well as riding the Hollywood Hype Train as we get ready for Zoolander 2 or 2ooLander, whichever you prefer. 

To engage the follies of Derek Zoolander, Alex, Caleb, and Dustin gather around the table to get beneath the surface. Caleb springs at the chance and gets into a marxist reading of the economics being portrayed within the film. He takes a look at the salt-of-the-earth Zoolander and his everyman background and compares that to the capitalistic exploits of Mugatu. Alex uses this as a jumping in point before moving into some of the more troubling aspects of the films, specifically those brought about by peculiar uses of makeup both in diegetic and non-diegetic moments of the film. Dustin then takes us home with a discussion of Slavoj Zizek and fetishistic disavowal.He mentions how the movie tries to make us feel like we're seeing real causes being brought to light but then understanding that nothing's actually being done to be proactive in regards to those issues. 
Alright dear listener, there you have it, get your Blue Steel ready and hit that play button; it's on. 

Zoolander Time Stamps

00:45 - Welcome and Introductions
04:16 - Synopsis and Reviews
08:26 - The Game: Favorite Cameos
14:50 - Analysis
33:06 - Shelf or Trash: Else or Instead
39:02 - Social Media Plugs
40:21 - Wrap Up and Announce Next Week's Film


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