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Tank Girl (1995) Analysis — GC #321


Episode 321 of the GenreCast sees the return of Alexandra Bohannon! She stumbled through the multiverse to come talk Tank Girl (1995) with us. Set in a dystopian future, Tank Girl features evil men who control resources, rebel groups, a chaotic protagonist and mutant kangaroos. Arthur, Dalton, Alex and Dustin work through the idea of feminism portrayed in the film, as well as the idea of competing ideologies or unfairly measuring how a film advances a certain thought process. We also talk about studio intervention, the representation of rebels pre and post 9/11, and much more. After the dust settles, we decide if Tank Girl belongs on the shelf or in the trash. Let us know what you think of Tank Girl here on Podbean, or by connecting with us on Twitter (@Good_Trash) and Facebook (@GoodTrashMedia).

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