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Ep.396: Alien3 (1992) — Part 3s, Chapter 2


Happy Mank Day! In honor of David Fincher's newest movie, we're kickstarting our new marathon Part 3s, Chapter 2 with Fincher's first film, Alien3. Through the years, Fincher has been evoked a number of times, through our early Fincher Rule that we harnessed Dalton with to talking a number of his films. So, it only made sense we'd tackle the notorious third entry in the Alien franchise to celebrate the release of his newest work Mank. On this week's show, we're talking all about religious groups in films, studio intervention, the film's messaging in contrast with Alien and Aliens, and much more. 


00:30 - Introductions and Synopsis

06:07 - Quick Alien3 Reviews

21:55 - Expanding the Syllabus

38:51 - Analysis

1:02:21 - Shelf or Trash

1:03:24 - Wrap up and Next Week's Film

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