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Ep. 399: Bad Boys for Life (2020) — Part 3s, Chapter 2


Producer's Note: We lost a good bit of audio due to some technical issues, but we salvaged as best we could, mostly leaving our reviews and analysis, which is hopefully why you're all here. 

We wrap up our Part 3s, Chapter 2 marathon the way we have every year for the past few years—talking about the highest grossing (domestic) film of the year. And this year, things got wild as a early winter release lead the pack due to COVID. That's right, we're heading to Miami to talk all about Bad Boys for Life. This week, we're talking all about the films approach to gender and identity. We look at some of the films its cribbing from, and weather its work is a proper homage or played out pastiche. We also talk the state of current popular cinema. 

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