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Chinatown Analysis (Patreon Sponsored) — GC #311


Episode 311 of the GenreCast is brought to you courtesy of Patreon sponsor Keithan S. Keithan usually chooses some fun foreign picks, but he's been on a Jack Nicholson kick and threw us a curveball. Following up on our Women's Appreciation Month Marathon, Keithan challenged us with the problematic Chinatown from Roman Polanski. Polanski is a lauded director, and convicted rapist who fled the states to avoid prison. Keithan had this all in mind, wanting us to explore on the issues inherent to Chinatown. We talk film noir, auteurism, separating art and artist, Polanski and much more. We also expand the syllabus with some great materials for you to chase down. Tune in now! And if you're interested in how you can choose a movie for us, visit  

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