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Blade Runner (1982) The Final Cut Analysis — GC #307


Episode 307 of the GenreCast sees the team returning to a normal schedule, at least for this week. Blade Runner has oft been tossed around as a potential subject for the show, and due to recent personal circumstances, it finally landed. Ridley Scott's Blade Runner is available in numerous formats, most notably the theatrical cut (with voiceover), the director's cut and Blade Runner The Final Cut. Blade Runner The Final Cut is the authorized restoration by Ridley Scott without the controversial voice over or Hollywood ending. During this week's episode, the team not only analyzes Blade Runner The Final Cut, but also shakes things up in presentation. It'll take some time to work out the kinks, but soon the show will be running like a well-oiled machine once more. Don't forget to rate, review and subscribe!

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