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Ep. 345: Kill Chain (2019)

November 28th, 2019

The GenreCast 2019 Retrospective continues this week with Dustin's blind bag special: Kill Chain. This Nicolas Cage-starring noir-inspired thriller attempts to pull off a gimmicky narrative wherein a number of hit men, spies, and assassins try to make it through a night in an unknown town in Colombia. The little known straight-to-streaming film is Cage's seventh collaboration with Millennium films. On this week's episode, we get into what noir means to us, looking at mode, style, and genre. We spend time discussing form and function of film. We also get into a discussion of the film's gimmick and if it works or not. But, before all of that, we expand the syllabus to discuss B-tier trash movies, studio cycles, and Baroque Noir. Tune in now!

Ep. 344: Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

November 18th, 2019

Ep. 344 continues a look back at 2019 with the Robert Rodriguez manga adaptation, Alita: Battle Angel. This futuristic action story focuses on an amnesiac cyborg and the engineer that rebuilds her. As she tries to find her purpose, she learns she was built for something dangerous. This week, we're talking cleanly shot action, uncanny valleys, possible political and theological readings, and more.

Ep. 343: Parasite (2019)

November 14th, 2019

As the year begins winding down, its time for us to start playing catch up with the movies we missed. Episode 343 kicks off our look at 2019 as we take on the critically-acclaimed Parasite from Bong Joon-ho. What makes this episode even more special? We got to go to the picture show together to watch the movie! This story of class struggle takes many twists and turns, and we do SPOIL the movie after our initial reviews and syllabus expansion. So, if you haven't seen it or don't want to be spoiled, you've been warned. We talk class and capitalism, form and function, and much more as we break open the 2019 Cannes Palme D'or Winner, Parasite.

Ep. 342: Dogma (1999)

November 7th, 2019

In episode 342 of the GenreCast, we travel back to 1999 to take a look at Kevin Smith's fourth feature film, Dogma. This month marks its 20th anniversary since opening wide. An all-star ensemble leads a religious satire of biblical proportions! We take a look back on Kevin Smith's career and his attempts at earnest stories through his shortcomings. We also talk about how hard this film is to find. As we bring our trademark style of analysis to Dogma, we find ourselves endeared to how personal the film seems to be and how much heart it has. Don't miss out on this episode of the GenreCast!


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