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Ep. 332: Stardust (2007)

August 29th, 2019

On the newest episode of the GenreCast, we're discussing Matthew Vaughn's take on Neil Gaiman's Stardust. When a star-crossed lover promises to seek a fallen star for the girl of his dreams, he encounters a land of magic and mayhem. This once upon a time tale echoes The Princess Bride with jokes and wackiness to spare. The gang discuss ideas of fantasy, dives into the Captain Shakespeare character, discusses the use of cinematography and production design and much more. Join us as we tackle one of the genres we rarely discuss in this fantastical episode.

Ep. 331: Deliverance (1972)

August 22nd, 2019

Howdy listeners! Welcome back to your favorite movie podcast, the GenreCast. This week, we're headin' down river for episode #331 to talk Deliverance. The Burt Reynolds and Jon Voigt thriller has earned a reputation over the past 40+ years. As four men head down river in the south, they encounter a group of mountain men and must try to survive more than a few rapids. You know the lines, you know the scenes, but do you know what it all means? We try to break down some of the elements of this somewhat very significant movie that has become something of a punchline and shorthand for hillbilly horror. Tune in now to hear what we think of Deliverance

High Life (2019) Analysis — GC #330

August 15th, 2019

Welcome back, dear listener, and join us on an adventure through the galaxy. We're geared up to go into orbit with Claire Denis' High Life. This 2019 film is not the typical genre fare we tackle on the show, but Dustin argues it probably won't make it into a film studies course anyway. As Robert Pattinson attempts to rear a child in outer space, we attempt to break open everything happening in this movie. And boy howdy, is there a lot going on in this movie. From stimulation chambers to spaghettification, we talk about everything under and outside the sun's reach. So, grab your space suit and saddle up to join us on our interplanetary voyage.

Tommy Boy Analysis (Patreon Sponsored) — GC #329

August 8th, 2019

Ep. 329 is brought to you by our Patreon-sponsor Brigham C. Brigham is one of our oldest fans and we're always happy when he brings something out for us. This week, we tackle the 90s' comedy classic Tommy Boy. That's right! It's Chris Farley and David Spade selling car parts in the mid-west—with hilarious results. Or, at least Arthur thinks so, as he comes down on the right side of history. The gang talks premature death, posthumous response, capitalism (of course) and more in this breakdown of Farley magnum opus, Tommy Boy. 

Small Soldiers Analysis — GC #328

August 1st, 2019

This week, Arthur is vindicated as the gang finally gets to talk Small Soldiers. Joe Dante's 1998 action-comedy about toys come to life is equal parts Toy Story and Gremlins. Featuring an all-star 90s cast, Small Soldiers sees two teens take on a fleet of G.I. Joe-adjacent toys known as the Commando Elite. We talk all about pastiche and post-modernism, military complex, masculinity and ideology and much more. Tune in now, and let us know what you think of 1998's Small Soldiers.


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