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Netflix Original Outlaw King (2018) — GTGC #294

November 30th, 2018

With 2019 just a few short weeks away, we have to start plotting our "Best of 2018" lists. To do so, we need to fill some blind spots. For the next three weeks, each host is picking a 2018 release that they missed out on. Dustin kicks things off with the Netflix Original film Outlaw King. David Mackenzie's followup to the lauded Hell or High Water tells the story of Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine) and his efforts to regain control of Scotland from English rule. With a high budget and noted production history, we ponder the point of Outlaw King. As Americans, we might have missed something, so if any international listeners want to point us in a direction, please email us ( or send a tweet (@Good_Trash)! Our game this week has us running down our Favorite Kings/Monarchs/Royalty. We then dive into Outlaw King to talk history, politics, violence and much more.

Demolition Man — GTGC #293

November 23rd, 2018

We're back and we're loaded with Taco Bell and our three seashells! That's right, we bring November to a close with the 90s classic, Demolition Man. Sly Stallone and Wesley Snipes face off in this sci-fi, fish-out-of-water action-comedy... Yeah, it has a lot going on. Critically maligned when it dropped in 1993, we re-evaluate it 25 years later to see just where it lands. This week's game is a round robin breakdown of our favorite jingles. Then, we break open Demolition Man to talk politics, meta-textual narratives, violence and more!

Lost in Space (1998) — GTGC #292

November 16th, 2018

Danger, danger, it's Lost in Space (1998). That's right, we go where no one wants to go—the Matt LeBlanc vehicle from 1998. With a Long John Silver tie in, a bizarre CGI space monkey and Akiva Goldsman penning the script, we determine how well Lost in Space holds up. After quick reviews, we play our weekly game. This week, we highlight 90s TV Series that deserve adaptations—Arthur goes down a rabbit hole of shows that apparently Dalton and Dustin never heard of. But, we soon course correct and get down to business. This week, we highlight 90s family dynamics, the merits of 90s CGI and much more in our discussion of Lost in Space (1998).

Michael Bay’s Armageddon — GTGC #291

November 11th, 2018

The 90s get bigger and at times better with Michael Bay's action classic Armageddon. That's right, we find out if we have the right stuff to take on this 90s epic. There's an asteroid, all-star cast and analysis galore on the show. Our game is favorite disaster films, simply enough. We then drill into Armageddon and talk Michael Bay's work and methods, the problematic nature of the characters in the film, final days tropes and much more in episode 291. 

John Woo’s Face/Off – GTGC #290

November 2nd, 2018

In episode 290 of the GoodTrash GenreCast movie podcast, we take a look at John Woo's Face/Off. The film landed at a peak moment in the crossing paths of its two leads. And they elevate this movie onto another realm. This week, our game involves a discussion of Dream Body Swap Duos. Our analysis of Face/Off is a discussion of Cage and Travolta's careers, John Woo's work, religious imagery and the portrayal of women. Tune in now!


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