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GTGC - #160 - Tangerine

January 29th, 2016

"Anti-Trash" rolls to a stop with Tangerine. We wrap up our "to good for us" marathon with a look at the indie wunderkind Tangerine which is about a sex worker who is on a quest to find her no-good pimp/boyfriend. It is one of the most acclaimed films of 2015, one of the reasons being that it was shot only on the iPhone 5. 

PRODUCER'S NOTE: We  apologize for some of the technical issues that occur in the latter part of the episode. We will be troubleshooting to see what exactly went wrong. 
Alex, Dalton, Dustin, and Caleb gather around the table to talk all about the film. They share their thoughts and quick reviews before diving into their in-depth analysis of the film. Dalton hits the ground running as he takes a look at the lesser regarded male characters who he finds to be very interesting in a film full of interesting characters. He specifically talks about their familial and societal roles while also discussing their sexual preferences and the way the film handles and looks at all of that. Alex then brings the heat as she compares the film to a fairy tale: Cinderella to be specific. She does a great job driving this home by highlighting different tropes and characteristics that mark this films inclusion into that genre. Caleb is next as he waxes poetic about the film's take on life in LA. It fails to glamorize it or focus on the high-faluting areas that we normally get from movies set in Hollywood. Dustin brings everything home by discussing form and production and how the film harkens back to the French New Wave and ponders if Tangerine can kick off a similar renaissance in American Filmmaking. 
Then, using Tangerine as a catalyst, we delve into the Top 5 Films of  2015. Arthur joins the table at this point as the breakdown goes around the table - counting down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. This conversation then shifts into a discussion of the honorable mentions of 2015 and our biggest disappointments. 
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It's a fun time as we wrap up what has become one of our favorite marathons to present to you. So, when you're ready Dear Listener, click play:

Tangerine Time Stamps

00:45 - Welcome and Introductions
02:25 - Synopsis and Reviews
10:28 - Analysis
30:25 - Shelf or Trash: Else or Instead
35:04 - The Game: Best of 2015
  • "Top 5 of 2015"
  • "Honorable Mentions"
  • "Biggest Disappointment"
1:04:33 - Wrap Up and Announce Next Week's Film 

GTGC - #159 - Force Majeure

January 22nd, 2016

Hello Dear Listener, the gang is back once again to continue the "Anti-Trash" marathon with a look at the Swedish drama, Force Majeure. Force Majeure is Dalton's host pick and things get a little heated as the gang dig deep into the family drama. 

We gather around the table as Dustin leads a round table and proposes questions about gender, ambiguity, aesthetics, and truth and how the film handles those subjects. All four hosts present great ideas about societal expectations, gender roles, and color symbolism. 
To go along with Force Majeure, we talk about our favorite cinematic or television dads. Either fathers who were memorable in some way or we just love the characters and want them to be our dads. 
So, now is the time. Pull on the ski boots, bundle up, and prepare to hit the slopes with us as we talk, Force Majeure. 

Force Majeure Time Stamps

:45 - Welcome and Intros
2:49 - Synopsis and Reviews
9:39 - Analysis - SPOILERS
32:58 - Shelf/Trash: Else or Instead
38:28 - Feedback
43:43 - The Game: Favorite TV/Movie Dads
50:25 - Fired Up in Pop Culture (Warning: It Gets a little weepy here)
1:04:00 - Wrap Up and Announce Next Week's Film

GTGC - #158 - Brazil

January 15th, 2016

Terry Gilliam's Brazil is lauded by many to be a masterpiece of epic proportions. From a troubled battle with Universal Studios to get the film released to reaching cult status, Brazil challenges the viewer and Gilliam presents a story that hits close to home just as much now as it did in 1984. It is a film that is ripe for discussion and a perfect piece of "Anti-Trash". 

So, we gather around the table to bring said analysis to Brazil. It's a strong show as each analysis transitions and bleeds into the next with Caleb kicking things off with a look at the commentary the film provides on consumerism culture and how it's projected inside this Orwellian world. Dalton then picks up the ball to talk more about the corporate machine and the effect that has on a persons goals and dreams. Arthur moves in next with an auteurist reading that places Gilliam himself inside that machine and his struggles there. We then move into a look at the machine itself as Alexandra looks at the actual architecture and construction of the world of Brazil. Dustin then brings everything home for us with a final discussion of ideology and Walter Benjamin. 
After all of that wonderful analysis, we transition into our weekly game and this week we take a look at our favorite imagined futuristic worlds from different mediums. 
So, fill out the required paperwork, and once you're approved, go ahead and click that play button. 

Brazil Time Stamps

00:45 - Welcome and Intros
03:25 - Synopsis and Reviews
14:42 - Analysis
42:12 - Shelf or Trash: Else or Instead
49:48 - Feedback 
53:11 - The Game: Favorite Future Worlds
1:03:07 - Fired Up in Pop Culture
1:07:46 - Conclusion and Announcement of Next Week's Film 

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GTGC - #157 - The Holy Mountain

January 9th, 2016

Hello once again dear listener, come, join us for a time of meditation and enlightenment as we travel to The Holy Mountain. Join us as we discuss Alejandro Jordowosky's 1974 surrealist classic. Its a fun time as it is a first time watch of The Holy Mountain for nearly everyone at the table, minus Dustin of course. How do we react to frogs being blown up and amputees being thrown off of boats? You'll just have to click that play button to find out. 

As we move into analysis, Dustin leads a round table discussion. We go around the table to discuss The Holy Mountain and all of the things that stood out to us. The symbolism of the vignettes comes up first, and we follow that with our examination of the different planets as they are presented to us. We wrap up the analysis sequence with a discussion of the ending of the film and whether it is an effective call to action or not. 
Since we all sat down together to watch The Holy Mountain and made a good time of it, we decided to talk about our favorite communal movie experiences. We look at our favorite experiences and also movies that make good communal experiences. We then closed out the show as we always do with a look at Pop Culture. 
Thank you so much for listening, if you would like to join the conversation you can leave a comment here, or:

The Holy Mountain time stamps:

The Holy Mountain on GTGC
:45 - Welcome and Introductions
2:53 - Synopsis and Reviews
13:24 - Round Table Analysis
39:50 - Shelf or Trash: Else or Instead
46:53 - Feedback
51:44 - The Game; "Favorite Communal Movie Watches"
57:36 - Fired Up
1:06:01 - Wrap up and Preview next week. 

GTGC - #156 - The Third Annual GoodTrash Shelvie Awards

January 1st, 2016

Good evening Dear Listener and Happy New YEAR! That's right, the complete GTGC gang is back and relaxing around the table this week as we put together our third annual GoodTrash Shelvie Awards where we look back at the previous year and talk about the stand out moments and movies from the year that we watched specifically for our show. 

If you're looking for a list of the best 2015 releases, we will be tackling that later in January. If you're a bit anxious to know kind of what we're thinking, Arthur has posted his list right here, so go over and check that out and let him know what you thought. 
We just want to let you know Dear Listener that this is the show where we just sit back and relax and have a lot of fun. Normally, we hand out five awards, but this year we are handing out a sixth award: the "Once More with Feeling" award where we honor a movie that we rewatched for this show and saw it with new eyes either for better or worse. And as always, we're dropping the "Hebrew Hammer" on the worst film of the year, talking about our "Best Worst Movie" guilty pleasures, and we wrap up the evening with our nominees for the "Platinum Shelf". After all of that self-congratulatory talk we go home with what has us fired up this week, in pop culture. 
So, join us friends as we present the third annual GoodTrash shelvie awards. 
Time Stamps
0:45 - Welcome and Introductions
3:28 - Awards Part One
  • "Best Worst Movie"
  • "Favorite Discovery"
  • "Best GTGC Show"
28:18 - Feedback
34:26 - Awards Part Two
  • "Hebrew Hammer"
  • "Once More with Feeling"
  • "The Platinum Shelf" 
1:02:00 - Fired Up in Pop Culture
1:13:58 - Wrap Up and Preview Next Week


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