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GTGC - #118 - Snatch.

April 24th, 2015

*Due to crazy life issues, there was a delay. This episode was recorded on April 5th, 2015.* 

Ladies and Gents, we get back around the table to discuss race, editing, speech, and film cycles as we talk Guy Ritchie's cult classic, Snatch. We also talk about our favorite gangsters, and in a bit of a dated edition of Pop Culture we talk about what has us fired up. Enjoy, and again, sorry for the delay. 

GTGC - #117 - Spring Breakers

April 3rd, 2015

Stackin 'casts y'all. That's right, we hop back 'round the table to talk Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers. We look for the american dream, fetishisation, racism, and church camp... Yeah, that's right, church camp. We also count down our top three movies we'd have on repeat for this week's game. Finally, we end like we always do, talking pop culture and it's fiery effect on all of us. 

The Rabbit Hole

This week we referenced quite a bit of academic work. During her analysis, Alex mentioned the article "Driving While Black" which you can give a look right over here
Dustin's review of the film began with a reference to Global Art Cinema edited by Galt and Schoonover, which you can order from Amazon here
Arthur talked film grammar and Christian Metz with a specific reference to Film Language: A Semiotics of the Cinema which you can peruse in PDF form over here. He also referenced Alexandre Astruc's essay over Avant Garde cinema "La Camera Stylo" which you can read here
And finally, if you're sick of Andrew Jackson dominating the Twenty Dollar Bill, then head over to Women on 20s to give your input on which historical female figures you would like to see in cash form. 


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