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GTGC - 116 - Jennifer’s Body

March 27th, 2015

Dear Listener, we wrap up #YouPicktheTrash and we just want to say thank you for some great recommendations, and we look forward to more in the future. This week we look at Kirsten's pick Jennifer's Body. We have a good time as Kirsten sits in the guest host seat, and we talk misogyny, exploitation of all kinds, and sex. The Game sees us talking about poorly advertised films, and, as always, we all make fun of Dustin.... and talk about Pop Culture. So come and join us dear listener. 

The Rabbit Hole 

This week we made several references to past episodes, such as: 
You're Next and The Blair Witch Project which both saw Kirsten guest hosting with us. 
Arthur made reference to the Dustin's favorite, The Faculty. And Dustin gets a plug in for Nightbreed. So, go give those movies a listen and get enjoy the conversation. 

GTGC #115 - V for Vendetta

March 20th, 2015

Great gallery, we gladly greet you with a gallant group of good trash analysis. This week we tackle Fran King's #YouPicktheTrash choice: V for Vendetta. We tackle british identity, adaptation, politics, and culture. We talk about our favorite cinematic revolutionaries and end the night with pop culture, as usual. Viva la revolucion. 

The Rabbit Hole

This week Dustin mentioned hanging out with Hunter Vaughan and the book that the "rockstar of film studies" has written, you can check out Where Film Meets Philosophy right over here

GTGC #114 - Moon

March 13th, 2015

#YouPicktheTrash continues as we look at Listener Brigham Cole's pick: Moon. We talk genre tropes, women as trophies, and the greater good. The game has us talking about our favorite Artificial Intelligences and find out what has everyone so fired up in pop culture this week. Also, a lot is made about the darkest timeline, did someone's evil twin show up this week? We're looking at you Alex. 

The Rabbit Hole

This week we referenced our episode over The Grey quite a bit, you can check that out right over here

GTGC #113 - Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

March 6th, 2015

It is fan appreciation month! We start the month off by honoring the very first request we ever got: Tucker and Dale vs Evil. We talk police, destiny, and 9/11. The game has us looking at misunderstood characters. And finally, we honor the late, great Leonard Nimoy. 

The Rabbit Hole

For more on This American Life, follow this link. Dalton specifically references Episodes 547 and 548. Go check that out now. 
The article that Dalton referenced "Self Fulfilling Prophecy" can be accessed here
Lastly, you can check out our episodes over Cabin in the Woods here, and our episode over Texas Chainsaw Massacre here


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