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GTGC #94 You’re Next

October 25th, 2014

This week, the Shocktober Marathon begins to draw to an end with a look at Adam Wingard's You're Next. Kirsten Therkelson joins us in the studio to help dissect the horror-satire. The whole crew reacts favorably towards the movie, and so should you!

Kirsten discusses her difficulties in coming up with an analysis. She first mentions class warfare which is prevalent within the film. She then moves into a discussion of power dynamics. Dalton begins by talking about social systems and agents of socialization. He argues that the family's role in the formation of one’s self and individuality is one of the most important within society. Alex talks about the subversion of power and raises the question of what happens when the family dynamic is turned on its head. Dustin takes a formalist approach and dissects the use of the score and how it reinforces the themes of the narrative. Dustin points out the use of different techniques and instruments at different points. 

The Game follows our analysis, and we talk our favorite cinematic masks. And finally, we go down in flames as we end with a look at what has us Fired Up in Pop Culture. 

You're Next Timestamps

02:36 - Welcome and Introductions

04:58 - Synopsis and Reviews

16:30 - Analysis

47:13 - Shelf or Trash/Else or Instead

59:10 - Social Media

1:04:13 - The Game - Favorite Cinematic Masks

1:11:15 - Fired Up in Pop Culture

1:22:10 - Wrap Up

LIVE Bonus Show: Tempus Fugit

October 25th, 2014

A GTGC first! We do a live show at the Paramount OKC in which we screened Nick Sanford's film Tempus Fugit before we recorded. We have an interview with Mr Sanford as well as the film's lead, Adam Hampton and then we do what we always do and bring the thunder with our analyses.

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