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GTGC #64 - The Boondock Saints

March 28th, 2014

We pay our respect to the Irish before the end of March by analyzing the cult hit The Boondock Saints. Find out who loved it as a teenager and who hates it with a passion. We also talk hit men and vigilantes. 

GTGC #63 - The Silence of the Lambs

March 22nd, 2014

Nick Sanford shows up, Dalton hates Anthony Hopkins, Dustin loves Rugby, and we all love The Silence of the Lambs. Oh, and we merge movie-verses in our game for the week.

GTGC #62 - Big Trouble in Little China

March 14th, 2014

We once again look at John Carpenter, the first director to make the show; this time we talk Big Trouble in Little China. We also talk about Director/Actor collaborations. And somehow, we simmer through pop culture.

GTGC #61 - The Avengers

March 7th, 2014

We get back to our roots as we tackle the box-office smash of 2012: Marvel's The Avengers. We also talk about our favorite hero types and examples thereof and go through a lot of welcome Listener Feedback, so tune in now and join the conversation.

GTGC #60 - Upstream Color

March 1st, 2014

Somehow, we hit 60. That's right, we gather back around the table for our last piece of Anti-Trash from 2013; we talk indy wunderkind Shane Caruth's Upstream Color. We also talk about movie going experience, both bad and good. So tune in now and let us know what your feels about all the things.


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